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The Spaghetti Bowl

Washoe County is expected to see an increase of over 147,000 people over the next 20 years. The area is seeing a welcome influx of more commercial and industrial enterprises. The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), in preparation for continued population growth, is improving portions along Interstate 80, Interstate 580, and U.S. 395, with particular attention to the I-80/I-580 Interchange, also known as the Spaghetti Bowl. In addition to these improvements, future traffic projections will be analyzed and infrastructure needs will be identified to take the Reno-Sparks area through the year 2040.

Spaghetti Bowl improvements include short-, mid- and long-range projects. NDOT has put plans in place to add more freeway digital message signs advising drivers of upcoming traffic conditions near the Spaghetti Bowl. Long-range projects may include the widening of the freeway and interchange ramps to accommodate increased traffic volumes.

The purpose and need of a project is essential in establishing a basis for the development of the range of reasonable alternatives required in an EIS and assists with the identification and eventual selection of a preferred alternative. Find the Spaghetti Bowl project's Purpose and Need statement here.

Project Limits

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Phase One: Spaghetti Bowl Xpress

This early action project, Spaghetti Bowl Xpress, serves as phase one of the Nevada Department of Transportation’s (NDOT’s) Spaghetti Bowl Project, and addresses the areas most critical for safety within the Spaghetti Bowl system-to-system interchange. With the proposed Spaghetti Bowl Xpress improvements shared below, eastbound I-80 backups approaching the exit to I-580/US 395 should be greatly reduced or eliminated, and southbound I-580/US 395 backups at the Spaghetti Bowl should be eliminated. Overall, freeway safety in general should improve.


EASTBOUND I-80: Stripe and sign the freeway so that two lanes are dedicated to the eastbound exit; and revise the Wells entrance to a parallel entrance metered during the peak hours

SOUTHBOUND I-580/US395: Restore the third southbound lane at I-80; and restore appropriate lane balance down to the Villanova exit

EASTBOUND I-80 EXIT RAMPS: Widen the east-to-south ramp to two lanes

LOCAL INTERCHANGES: Resolve the weaving issue between Second Street/Glendale Avenue and Mill Street


Spaghetti Bowl improvements include
short-, mid- and long-range projects

National Environmental Policy Act Process (NEPA)

Before any construction cones are placed, the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) must research any potential environmental effects that might take place while improving the Spaghetti Bowl. Using the NEPA process, NDOT will evaluate the environmental and related social and economic effects of its proposed actions. NDOT will also provide opportunities for public review and comment on these evaluations. This process will take three-and-a-half years to complete.


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