“Big Squeeze” Begins Next Week at Reno Spaghetti Bowl


CARSON CITY, Nev. – Major Interstate 580 lane and merge changes being dubbed the “Big Squeeze” will launch next week at the Reno spaghetti bowl as part of continuing Nevada Department of Transportation spaghetti bowl improvements.

The “Big Squeeze” name reflects new lane and merge changes that will “squeeze” traffic lanes through the spaghetti bowl beginning March 12 through spring 2022. The temporary lane configurations are needed for ramp and bridge improvements.

March 10-11: Temporary Overnight Lane Reductions For New Lane Roadway Striping

Intermittent overnight lane reductions on southbound and northbound I-580 (Plumb Lane to spaghetti bowl) between 9p.m. and 6a.m. March 8-12 as crews restripe lanes and ramps into new configuration.

March 12: The “Big Squeeze” Begins With New Lane/Merge Patterns

The following merge/lane switches will begin the morning of March 12 and be in place through spring 2022:

  • Westbound I-80 to southbound I-580 traffic will merge directly onto I-580 lanes as opposed to the current dedicated merge lane.
  • The eastbound I-80 to southbound I-580 spaghetti bowl ramp will be temporarily reconfigured to one lane, with a dedicated lane to southbound I-580. The bottom of the ramp is currently two lanes.
  • Southbound I-580 travel lanes will be further shifted to the east to make room for ramp improvements.
  • Travel delays should be expected. Drivers are encouraged to consider alternate routes, allow for extra travel time, slow down and be attentive for new merge and lane patterns. 

Week of March 7-12: Spaghetti Bowl and I-580 Ramp/Lane Closures

  • The following spaghetti bowl ramps will intermittently be closed overnight 9p.m. to 6a.m. March 7-12 (intermittent ramp closures will continue through 2022):
    – Northbound I-580 to eastbound I-80 and westbound I-80
    – Westbound I-80 to southbound U.S. 395/I-580
    – Eastbound I-80 to northbound U.S. 395 and southbound I-580
  • Southbound I-580 ramps to Second Street intermittently closed from 9p.m. to 6a.m. Sundays through Thursdays through at least June 2021.
  • Southbound I-580 off ramp to Mill Street intermittently closed from 9 pm to 6 am Sundays through Fridays through at least June 2021.

The improvements are part of construction of the first phase of NDOT’s spaghetti bowl renovations, known as Spaghetti Bowl Xpress. Over the next two years, the eastbound I-80 to southbound I-580 Spaghetti Bowl ramp will be widened to two lanes and eastbound Interstate 80 lanes between Wells Avenue and the Spaghetti Bowl striped. On southbound I-580, auxiliary merge lanes and improved ramps will also be added between the Spaghetti Bowl and Plumb Lane, along with sound and aesthetic walls. The first phase of construction will not require relocation of any residences.