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NDOT’s Spaghetti Bowl Xpress Project is substantially complete!

Known as Spaghetti Bowl Xpress, the first phase of spaghetti bowl renovations will restripe eastbound Interstate 80 lanes between Wells Avenue and the Spaghetti Bowl and widen the eastbound I-80 to southbound I-580 Spaghetti Bowl ramp to two lanes. Auxiliary merge lanes and improved ramps will also be added on southbound I-580 between the Spaghetti Bowl and Plumb Lane, along with sound and aesthetic walls. Sections of pavement on northbound I-580 will also be repaired. The first phase of construction will not require relocation of any residences or businesses.

Additional interstate improvements will be built in prioritized phases through 2039 as funding is identified. Approximately 250,000 vehicles per day currently travel through the spaghetti bowl. The Reno-Sparks population is expected to increase 27 percent by 2040. Without the future improvements, population growth is anticipated to lead to travel delay increases of 53 percent through the Spaghetti Bowl.

Project Schedule

Spring 2020

Geotechnical soil surveys and engineering design for future construction of the first phase of spaghetti bowl improvements.

Late 2020

to begin

NDOT’s Spaghetti Bowl Xpress Project is substantially complete!


NDOT has begun work on what will be one of five phases under the Spaghetti Bowl Project umbrella. Phase one, known as Spaghetti Bowl Xpress, will address one of the most congested and unsafe areas within the Spaghetti Bowl system. With the proposed Spaghetti Bowl Xpress improvements shared below, eastbound I-80 backups approaching the exit to I-580/U.S. 395 should be greatly reduced or eliminated, and southbound I-580/U.S. 395 backups at the Spaghetti Bowl should be eliminated. Overall, freeway safety in general should improve. Please note: Phase 1 will not be relocating any businesses or homes.

Phase One: Project Scope


  • Stripe and sign the freeway so that two lanes are dedicated to the eastbound exit
  • Revise the Wells entrance to a parallel entrance metered during the peak hours


  • Widen the east-to-south ramp to two lanes


  • Restore the third southbound lane at I-80
  • Restore appropriate lane balance down to the Villanova exit


  • Resolve the weaving issue between Second Street/Glendale Avenue and Mill Street

Phase One: Project Need

A combination of the following factors defines the need for improvements along these Spaghetti Bowl locations

  • Bottlenecks
  • Undesirable Lane Balance
  • Poor Weaving Distances
  • Poor Operations
  • Poor Safety

Phase One: Project Benefits

  1. I-80 eastbound backups approaching the eastbound exit to I-580/US395 should be greatly reduced or eliminated
  2. The weaving movement between Wells and the I-80 eastbound exit to I-580/US395 should be greatly improved
  3. The eastbound I-80-to-southbound I-580/US395 movement backups should be greatly reduced or eliminated
  4. Southbound I-580/US395 backups should be eliminated at the Spaghetti Bowl
  5. Weaving between the I-80-to-I-580/US395 ramps and Second Street/Glendale Avenue should be improved
  6. The Second Street/Glendale Avenue and Mill Street weave will be fixed
  7. Freeway safety in general should improve

Certain project elements and construction schedule subject to change.

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